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Digital Graphics and Web Technologies

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I am a digital designer with over 20 years of experience creating engaging content. I have extensive knowledge of all aspects of multimedia including graphic design, motion graphics, and video production. I am also an exceptional troubleshooter and have experience managing design projects, a web server, and staff. Some things I enjoy are reading, tabletop and video games, progressive metal and, currently, I am learning to play guitar.

I am currently employed at Johns Hopkins where I design and manage digital signage content which is displayed campus-wide across Johns Hopkins entities. Create static imagery, video, motion graphics, and interactive touch screen content. Perform daily network functions and troubleshooting to keep the system of 350+ locations across the state functioning for institutional visual communications with patients and staff. Manage all aspects of new design projects and facilitate hardware installs with internal and external vendors while keeping track of billing and budgets. Support other miscellaneous digital and print design project requests as needed.


Stamps Project
How to Play Beez
National Park Poster Project
Book Cover Project

Essex Skypwark Website Project
Branding Project
Movie Poster Project
Planet Defender Game
Web Ad Project
Wedding Program Project

Coloring Book Project
3D Text Project
3D Phone Project
Flyer Project
WWN Cover Project
Photo Manipulation Project

Dark Tower Augmented Reality Project
Skypark Logo Project
Magazine Cover Project
Motion Blur Project


Fall 2019

  • Enrolled
  • CMST 290 - Intro to Interactive Design, Grade: A
  • LIBS 150 - Introduction to Research, Grade: A

Spring 2020

  • CMST 295 - Fundamentals of Digital Media, Grade: A
  • PACE 111T - Prog & Career Expl in Tech, Grade: A

Summer 2020

  • CMST 325 - Image Editing, Grade: A
  • WRTG 111 - Academic Writing I, Grade: A

Fall 2020

  • WRTG 112 - Academic Writing II, Grade:A
  • WRTG 393 - Advanced Technical Writing, Grade: A

Spring 2021

  • ANTH 345 - World Prehistory, Archaeology, Grade:A
  • STAT 200 - Introduction to Statistics, Grade: A

Summer 2021

  • NSCI 170 - Weather and Climate, Grade:A
  • NSCI 171 - Weather and Climate Lab, Grade: B

Fall 2021

  • BEHS 103 - Technology in Contemporary Soc, Grade:A
  • CMST 310 - Fund of Electronic Publishing, Grade: A
  • CMST 311 - Advanced Electronic Publishing, Grade: A

Spring 2022

  • CMST 425 - Advanced Image Editing, Grade:A
  • CMST 308 - User Exprnce Interface Dsgn, Grade: A
  • CMST 315 - Game Design I, Grade: A

Summer 2022

  • CMST 320 - Illustration Graphics, Grade:A
  • CMST 341 - Principles of Multimedia I, Grade: A

Fall 2022

  • CMST 385 - Prin Web Design & Tech I, Grade: A
  • CMST 386 - Prin Web Design & Tech II, Grade: A
  • CMST 351 - Motion Graphics I, Grade: A

Spring 2023

  • CMST 303 - Advanced Application Software, Grade:A
  • CMST 331 - Augmented Reality Design I, Grade: TBD
  • CMST 495 - Trends & Projects in Web & Digtal Design, Grade: TBD
  • Gradating with Honors/Magna Cum Laude: May 2023

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