Sunday, Apr 20, 2014
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Guidelines and Procedures

for scheduling the lecture halls in Davidge Hall
Thank you for your interest in using Chemical Hall, the main lecture hall inside Davidge Hall .

Medical Alumni Association (MAA) is pleased to accommodate campus requests for use of this National Historic Landmark, while ensuring its continued conservation and restoration.

Please read these guidelines thoroughly as you will be asked to certify that you have read and accepted them before submitting your request for usage.

MAA/Davidge Hall Contact – Ms. Barbara Atkinson is responsible for scheduling activities.  Requests are not considered scheduled until all appropriate forms have been received, reviewed and approved by Ms. Atkinson, who will notify you when the event has been approved.  She can be reached at 410.706.7454.

Eligibility - Events held in Chemical Hall must be sponsored, hosted, and/or personally attended by the president, dean, assistant dean, or school of medicine department chair. For use as a classroom, the request can be forwarded by the instructor.

Special Requests – Will be considered on an individual basis and include

  • events outside of normal business hours:  Monday thru Friday, 8:3 am – 5:00 pm (see “Security,” below)
  • events for non-campus organizations
  • use of Anatomical Hall (3rd floor lecture hall)

Building Decorum -  As Davidge Hall houses the offices of  the Medical Alumni Association and the School of Medicine Development Office, professional behavior is expectedat all times while in the building.

Safety and Security - For events held outside of normal business hours, Campus Security must be contacted at 410.706.6882 to arrange for locking and/or unlocking the doors (doors are locked before 8 am and after 5 pm.)

If the fire alarm sounds, the event coordinator must direct participants to one of  three exits: the main entrance door or the two exits located at the rear of the building, accessed from the main floor, via either side of the lecture hall.

Responsibilities - It is the responsibility of the event coordinator (or representative) to

  • arrange a walk-thru of the lecture hall to ensure it is appropriate for the event
  • schedule the event to allow for sufficient set-up and clean-up of the lecture hall
  • verify your event has been approved if approval has not been received within  7 days of your request submittal
  • check in with MAA staff at least 20 minutes prior to the reserved time and again before departing to ensure that the hall is returned to its proper condition

[Failure to return the lecture hall to its proper condition will result in the immediate cancellation of any scheduled events and/or a denial of any future requests.]

  • point out the location of the restrooms on the east side (opposite the entrance) of the lecture hall and the placement of the telephone directly outside the entrance to the lecture hall;  other restrooms and phones in the building should be requested only in an emergency
  • arrange for any services (see “Resources,” below)
  • be on-hand to sign for any deliveries of food, furniture or other items. Neither the Medical Alumni Association nor the Development Office will  accept delivery of, nor be responsible for, any items.

Resources - A list of campus resources will be provided to you once your event has been approved. They include:

  • Housekeeping – if you will be serving food you MUST contact Housekeeping (enter a work request) prior to your event to arrange for cleaning services after your event or for additional garbage cans
  • Media Services – for use of the microphone, computer, DVD player or any other audio/video equipment (a built-in screen is available for use)
  • Facilities Management – for reserving tables, chairs, other furniture
  • Security – for locking or unlocking the building (see “Security,” above).


Reservation Form (adobe pdf – fax/mail)
Reservation Form (on-line)



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